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 Pokemon Quiz ( the easiest so far)

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PostSubject: Pokemon Quiz ( the easiest so far)   Fri Apr 25, 2008 3:15 pm

Ok, Easiest one so far and here it is:

1. Name 2 moves you can use to prevent Electrode from using magnet rise. (excluiding snatch or an attacking move)

2. Name 6 pokemons that share the ability technician.

3. What's the role of the cleric (Yes I'm a Nerd study ) MUHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH.

4. If one poke uses Counter and the other one uses Trick Room, which move will strike first?

5. Name 3 pokes that can evolve through a fire stone. ( Hah, easy Cool )

6. What's cherrim's special ability and what does it do?

7. True or False: Sunny Power is an ability that's only shared by Tropius.

8. Which pokemon is heavier, Blastoise or Torterra?

9. What's the lightest pokemon of the game?

10. Would it be good to use curse on an evasive foe (with a ghost) ? Why or why not?

11. Name 24 Pure Normal types. ( =P)

12. Can Regirock learn explosion? if he can, at which level?

13. Name me the pokemons with the highest amount of weaknesses (5)

14. How many pokemons does the game has? (easy)

15. Name me 5 PP restoring items. ( Extremely easy lol)

good luck mates study
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Danny Claws

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Quiz ( the easiest so far)   Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:33 pm

1. Protect, hmm idk ill answer it l8r XD

2. scizor, hitmontop, ambipom, (i see why this questions on here) Smeargle, meoth, persian,scyther

3. im sorry idk wat the hell a cleric is

4. i beleive that trick room will strike first

5. Eevee, Growlithe, vulpix

6. FUCK! i dserve at least half a point cuz i know wat it duz i just forgot the Efing name
any ways it changes form when there is extra sunlight( from sunny day, drought, ETC.)

7. im gonna say true cuz ive neva heard of sunny power and i hardly use grass types so screw this shit

8. Blastoise is about 188 lbs and torterra is about a little less than five hundred pounds more weighing in at 683 lbs
9. What's the lightest pokemon of the game?

10. say that curse cant be dodged therefore it would be effective

11. Smeeargle, ambipom, rattatata, raticate, clefairy, clefable, lickitounge, blissey, kangaskan(srry 'bout spellin'), tauros, eevee, furret, meowth, persian, chansey, ditto, porygon, snorlax, sentret, clefa, igglypuff, togeppi, ambipom, dunsparce

12. of course it can, it comes with it when it comes rite outta the egg

13. ok wat the hell i should know this its so stupid its hard

14. which one D/P|FR/Lf|G/S|R/S/E cuz there is 493 pokemon in all

15. Elixir, Max Elixir, Ether, Max Ether
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Quiz ( the easiest so far)   Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:16 pm

1. Protect and Gravity.

2. Scizor - Ambipom - Smeargle? - Persian - Scyther? - ... I dunno <.<

3. Clerics is like supporting to a whole new level. Hell Bellers/Aromatherpists

4. Trick Room.

5. Vulpix - Eevee - Growlithe

6. Flower Gift? Whatever the case; in sunny , Cherrims Sp.Def and Atk stats are boosted by 50%

(I should know, I used to abuse this in in-game battling)

7. False. If I recall Sunflora also shares SOLAR POWER.

8. Wtf? Uhm, I dunno. Torterra?

9. Gastly?

10. Yes because the other moves'll most likely to miss against it and Ghost-Cursing the Evasive Poke will ensure it to faint in 4 turns. Or switch and thus removing their Evasive Boosts.

11. Smeargle - Ditto - Meowth - Persian - Arceus - Rattata - Raticate - Porygon - Porygon 2 - Porygon Z - Snorlax(Fav Special Wall) - Aipom - Ambipom - Dunsparce(Fav Serene Grace Abuser) - Chansey - Blissey - Linoone(Fav Belly Drummer) - Slaking - Exploud/rars - Lopunny/Slutbunni - Regigigas - Kangaskhan - Bidoof - Kecleon - Zangoose

12. Duh he can Explode but I forgot what level since I don't play that in-game shit.

13. Celebi... Shit I dunno and don't care -_-

14. 493. 494 counting missingno. 496 counting the 2 new Shoddy Pogeymanz.

15. Ether, Max Ether, Elxir, Max Elxir, PP Max/Up.



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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Quiz ( the easiest so far)   

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Pokemon Quiz ( the easiest so far)
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